Local Networking Event Barbecue

From time to time, we like to host a neighborhood barbecue for the local businesses to come enjoy.  It’s something we like to put on each year, and we actually look forward it a lot.  Instead of renting a space, we kick everyone out of the parking lot and shut it down on a Saturday afternoon.  This last barbecue, we invited about 17 Albany businesses to come hang out with their family and friends – whoever else they wanted to invite.  As the barbecue experts, we of course, provided the burgers, hot dogs, Italian sausages, and the other essentials.  But, we did tell everyone that they could bring food if they’d like as well.  In addition, we hired a band that plays in the Capital Region to come entertain everyone and play some 90’s music for a few hours.  The barbecue lasted from 12 PM – 4 PM, which was just enough time to meet everyone and get some relaxation time in.  We invited 17 people, and I think around 13 showed up with their families.  We had quite the all-star line-up in attendance.  There was a jeweler, a couple attorneys, a guy who did remodeling of some sort, and a bunch more.  I spoke with a local paving contractor for a little bit.  He was telling me how his company just opened their new office in downtown Albany.  He was a nice guy, definitely smart.  They were doing some commercial asphalt job on I-87 though, so he had to leave early.  Apparently, they do a lot of commercial work for Albany County.  Anyways, the cook-out was a hit, as usual, and we’ll certainly be holding one again sometime in the very near future.  I look at as a community building activity that also helps with networking.  If we know the other business owners nearby, it’s easy to refer people.