Why Use Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services

If you own a restaurant, hood cleaning is not an option.  It’s a requirement.  More than 60% of all eating establishment fires are caused by equipment, like the vent hood.  Grease build-up is the most common reason the equipment causes the fires.  Sometimes, the grease build-up can’t even be seen.  That is why it is imperative to schedule regular restaurant hood cleaning.  Then, it’s important to make sure it was done correctly.  Can you clean your restaurant’s hood yourself?  Sure you can.  You may not want to though and if you hire an employee to do it, you’ll have to teach them how and inspect their work.  It’s really easier to just hire a restaurant hood cleaning service in my opinion.  Being a restaurant owner, I have done it both ways.  When I first started my restaurant, I couldn’t afford to even have one employee let alone someone to clean my hoods.  So, I did the cleaning myself.  I hated it!  When I became more established, I hired a worker.  I had him do it.  He quit.  I hired a second person and he did do the cleaning, but let me know that he wasn’t qualified.  Plus, he hated it too.  There are those who specialize in restaurant hood cleaning.  They have all the proper equipment and are highly trained in that area.  Now that I can pay someone other than my staff to clean the hoods, I do.  I have been very pleased with the results.  I never worry when it’s time for my inspection.  I know at least the hoods are going to pass.  You owe it to yourself, your employees, and those who come to your restaurant to provide a safe environment.  Hiring someone to properly clean your hoods is a great place to start.